Accept VISA and MasterCard
Futuritypay provides card payments for high-risk projects that traditional gateways do not accept.
Broad geography
Accept Visa and MasterCard payments in 180 countries.

Take advantage of international payment systems with Futuritypay.
Friendly interface for high conversion
Advanced UX design: tooltips, field fill control and error decryption will help your customers to make the payment quickly and correctly

Adaptive layout will make the payment process comfortable from both desktop and mobile devices

Customization of the payment page allows you to maintain the corporate style at all stages of interaction with the client
We have taken care of everything that can affect payment conversion, one of the most important parameters of business success.
Payment control and monitoring
Preventing fraud
Use all the necessary tools to prevent fraud transactions

Futuritypay platform includes an anti-fraud system with flexible setting of transaction limits for maximum security with a minimum number of rejected payments.

Choose to protect all transactions using the 3D-Secure protocol or manually monitor suspicious payments.
Keep track of all payments in the functional merchant interface with visual statictics
Request transactional reports for the required periods at any time
Make refunds online
Keep track of chargebacks
Track financial statistics on completed payments
Reliability and safety
Best solutions from international payment companies

99.99% uptime

Compliance with PCI DSS Security Standard

Tier-1 hosting providers and duplicated data center infrastructure
Customized for high-risk business
Banks and payment systems often refuse to cooperate with companies from high-risk industries or impose excessive requirements on them. Futuritypay is dedicated to high-risk projects and removes potential difficulties associated with making payments.
Marking payments with neutral MCC codes that differ from 7995, for online casinos, betting and other types of gambling
Gambling and betting
Processing of large transactions for companies in the field of online trading and investments, including for clients with legal opinion.
Forex brokers
Connect today
Get all the benefits of online payments in just 24 hours. Register and schedule a consultation with a specialist on connecting and working with Futuritypay.
Take advantage of international payment systems with Futuritypay
Work in 180 countries
Fast Settlements
Payments are made every two days in USD and USDT
Support for three major currencies