Online payments without barriers
Specialized payment provider for gambling, brokers and high-risk projects.
Online payments without barriers
Specialized payment provider for gambling, brokers and high-risk projects.
The future of your business is here. Futuritypay
Connect a secure provider to handle high-risk payments. No blocked payments, delays or technical failures.

Focus on your business development, and entrust payment processing to professionals.
High Quality Standards
Convenient for developers
Faster, safer, more productive
Save developers time with the functionality of the Futuritypay API.

Our team has made connectivity protocol appropriate for most companies in the high-risk industry.
Companies in the high-risk industries have to sacrifice the quality of the IT component of the service in order to accept payments. With Futuritypay, however, you don't have to compromise: this payment provider uses the best technological solutions of international payment companies.
High-Tech Solution
Uninterrupted service
The system is based on Tier-1 hosting providers, and the data center infrastructure is duplicated to ensure uninterrupted platform operation. 99.99% uptime: not a single missed payment due to the technical unavailability of the service.
High conversion
Adaptive payment page and an optimized checkout enable high conversion of payments from any device. Improve customer experience at every stage to maximize your business performance.
Work with minimal geo-restrictions
180 countries
Accept payments in USD, EUR, GBP
Get your first payments 24 hours after contacting us
Quick Start
Revenue is credited to the company's account every two days
Fast Settlements
Customized for high-risk business
Banks and payment systems often refuse to cooperate with companies from high-risk industries or impose excessive requirements on them. Futuritypay is dedicated to high-risk projects and removes potential difficulties associated with making payments.
Marking payments with neutral MCC codes that differ from 7995, for online casinos, betting and other types of gambling
Gambling and betting
Processing of large transactions for companies in the field of online trading and investments, including for clients with legal opinion.
Forex brokers
Easy connection
Start in 24 hours

Simple KYC procedure

High loyalty to high-risk projects

Personal Merchant Account Setup