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Futuritypay processes large payments, ensures high conversion and payments without delay for CFD and Forex brokers
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The Futuritypay payment provider handles large amounts without additional requirements, checks and blockages. High payment limits will increase payment conversion.
Futuritypay does not allow unreasonable blocking of funds and accounts.
Banks track unwanted transactions and can influence most payment services, forcing them to freeze funds and block corporate accounts.
Brokers often face chargebacks, locks and have to regularly connect and combine new solutions. Payment systems can refuse to provide service and block accounts along with the collected funds.
Secure business account
Best payment solution for brokers
Futuritypay is a team of experts with extensive experience in complex payment segments.
Our platform interface and payment solutions are customizable to meet the customer specific needs.
Register and get advice on all aspects of accepting payments for your project.
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Get all the benefits of online payments in just 24 hours. Register and schedule a call with Futuritypay onboarding manager.
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Fast Settlements
Payments are made every two days in USD and USDT
We support three major currencies